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I've Been Nominated!

Wowza! I got an email today letting me know that I have been nominated in TWO categories in the 2022 Record’s Readers’ Choice Awards! The two categories are 1. Best Kinesiologist/Exercise Therapist and 2. Fitness Instructor/Trainer. This is wonderful! Thank you to those who have nominated me So how does it work? Well, we are currently in the nomination round where folks hit the nominate button to show support (essentially voting). You can nominate everyday. Each year, the Record Newspaper hosts the Readers' Choice Awards for businesses in the Waterloo Region. The people get to vote and there are winners in each category. The nomination round runs until July 11. Then the top ten in each category move on to the voting round. Click the button below to head over to the Record's website everyday to nominate your favourite Kinesiologist! (hint's me!)

Thank you for your support and vote everyday to help me move on to the voting round!

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