Are Kinesiology Services Covered Under Insurance? OHIP?

Updated: Jan 27

Can I claim my kinesiology treatments through my extended health care insurance? This is a question I get quite often! And the answer? Maybe. Some insurance companies have kinesiology services listed as services that are covered. Check your policy.

And if it's not listed, some companies will cover some of your costs if you call and request it. It never hurts to ask! The more people request kinesiology treatments to be covered under their plan, the more likely that it will be added on the front end to packages in the future.

Are you or your loved one a Veteran? You may qualify for Kinesiology coverage under BlueCross/Veterans Affairs Canada. I am an approved provider with this program.

Although OHIP does not cover kinesiology services, you can claim any out of pocket expenses on your income taxes!

Since 2014, the Canada Revenue Agency has recognized Kinesiologists as among the registered medical practitioners whose services are tax-deductible.

That means you can not only work with a Kinesiologist to make the most of your exercise and wellness routine, you may also be eligible to get a tax deduction for your effort!


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