Something is new at Carrie Doll Kinesiology!

During this unique time in our lives, I have been working hard on how to serve clients in the best way possible. I have researched various avenues and platforms. I am releasing 2 new offerings to new and current clients!

Part 1 begins TODAY! I am now offering Virtual LifeStretch Classes!

LifeStretch is a mobility-stretch system. In LifeStretch there is very little static stretching.The stretches and movements are coordinated with your breathing as well as the lines or nets of fascia that run through your body. Throughout the session, I guide you through small assessments of your body to help you identify areas that need a bit more attention. We focus on no pain while we move through the session. All of the stretches are done on the floor so there is no need to worry about your balance or excessive bracing while performing the movements.

At the end of class, you may feel looser, have greater ease of movement, easier breathing, or maybe even a better overall feeling. Each small change will build upon themselves as you consistently participate in LifeStretch.

Check out the 'Virtual Wellness' page on my website for more information and to register for a class. I am looking forward to moving with you all very soon!!


 Serving Kitchener, Waterloo, St. Jacobs, Conestogo, Elmira and area. 

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