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Welcome to Virtual Wellness with Carrie Doll Kinesiology!

What is Virtual Wellness?

Virtual wellness, also called telerehab, are Kinesiology sessions that are conducted through video conferencing software. 

Virtual wellness sessions are conducted in the same fashion as in-person sessions with the exception of the hands on component. 

What services are offered through Virtual Wellness?

One on one Kinesiology Sessions

Exercise Therapy, Stretch Therapy 

Customized exercise prescription to treat, manage and improve your aches, pains, movement and illnesses. Click here to find out more.

A computer on a desk. Online sessions

LifeStretch Classes

Stretch-Mobility Class

LifeStretch is based upon the principles of self-traction, breath and slow, pain free movements. We move through movements without holding positions to find new ranges of motion in your body. Click here to find out more.

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